Beat the Rhythm – Rhythm counting e-learning game

Beat the Rhythm – Rhythm counting e-learning game

What did I do ?

Conception 100%
Design 100%
Development 100%
S.E.O & A.S.O (South Korea) 30%

In a sight:

Unity 3D, Advanced audio

Native android JNI plugin for low latency audio to animation synchronization

Playful interface for e-learning

Simple, cute and neat interface suitable for children and adult alike. Gamify the learning of rhythm theory and practice of counting music

In-App payment, Analytics

A/B testing, User behaviour tracking, Unity analytics funnels, Cross-platform In-App payment


English, French, Portuguese and Korean. Localization of content and UI.

Learn more:

Rhythm game with an exhaustive curriculum bringing rhythm theory and rhythm counting practice in a playful and addictive way. Suitable for child and adults alike, the application targets musician or future musicians willing to play more steadily and grow their capacity to play in a band or with other people.
Used technologies include low-latency audio synchronization through a native plugin on android, Unity IAP, Unity Analytics, Data persistence through a local encrypted xml database, image and text localization, A/B testing and 2D sprite animations.

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