I design and develop interactive apps, games & experiences

What I can do for you.

Mobile application and Game development

Focusing on highly interactive applications, 2D and 3D games, I use Unity3D to build immersive and playful experiences for android, ios, windows and mac.

Application and Game design

The whole process, from the idea to a fully functional interface. I have a good experience as a game and mobile application designer focusing on gamification, e-learning, cultural content and rhythm games.

A few things I made.

e-learning rhythm game android app Beat the Rhythm
E-learning mobile rhythm game (android)
Virtual reality horror game (windows, mac, linux)
guitar e-learning mobile application
Guitar e-learning application (ios, android, windows, mac)

And what people think of it.

« Thibaut is a young entrepreneur-minded engineer with an extensive skill set in game and app development. He did not only effectively bring two mobile app projects from their idea to their release, he was also at the core of our R&D [...] he is the kind of person with whom I like working. And I do keep working with him ! »
Frank Houbre
MyMusicTeacher CEO

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